Julie Andrews (julieandrews) wrote in alere,
Julie Andrews

Sorting Feast 2011!

The time has come on Alere Flammas MUSH for another Sorting. The Hogwarts Express arrives at 7:30pm Eastern on Tuesday, February 23rd.

Now's a phenomenal time to make a first year. The Hogwarts governors have approved new uniforms for everyone; come check out the boys in their kilts. Something's gone glitchy in time and for nearly a year now, students and even one faculty member have been appearing from the past. Time duplicates. Time twins. Timees. Whatever you'd like to call them, they've made attending a wizarding school just that wee bit more interesting.

Don't want to be a first year? That's all right. You can create a character starting at any age. And with this time plot, they can have nearly any birthdate you want too.

Features and Original Characters are both wanted. If you're looking to give a House a good injection of new player enthusiasm, Hufflepuff lags a little behind the other Houses in terms of students.

Sound good? Come find out more by pointing your MU* client or telnet client of choice at:

alereflammas.com 9034
or 9034
Tags: events, sorting
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