Julie Andrews (julieandrews) wrote in alere,
Julie Andrews

Summer on Alere Flammas

Summer has just started on Alere Flammas, which means it's a perfect time to create a new character. Particularly if that new character is an incoming first year. Aren't they cute with their new wands and their bright-eyed looks, eager to start their career at Hogwarts? Little realizing what they're in for with Headmaster Snape, his Mummy the Potions Master, and more than one werewolf running around the place.

With our recent time travel-related plot, in which students (and even a professor) from the past have been showing up in the present, you never know who you might be sharing that first flying class with. Let alone who might be hanging out in your common room!

Head to our website to read more - http://www.alereflammas.com/

Or just log straight into the game with your telnet (remember what that is?) client or MUD/MUSH client of choice. At alereflammas.com 9034 ( 9034).
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