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Upcoming Events

Here's just some of the events coming up in the near future on Harry Potter: Alere Flammas MUSH. (All times Eastern)

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 1st - 6pm
Ollivander will be doing a wand fitting for the incoming first years

Monday, August 3rd - 9:30pm
OOC Howto: Apping a Feature. With our reboot plot, there are even more feature opportunities than usual. Learn how to apply for one and get all your questions answered.

Tuesday, August 4th - 10pm
Feldspar Victory Party -- Celebrate Hogsmeade's newest mayor. She's young. She's mavericky. And most of the time, she's even human.

Saturday, August 8th - 8pm
Florean Fortescue will be serving up his favorite ice cream flavors, regardless of what the public thinks of them. Come see if his choices include your favorite. Or if there are some flavors better left uneaten.

Friday, August 14th - 9pm
Eeylops' Owl Sale -- Owls? On sale? Surely it's too good to be true!

And finally, our SORTING FEAST will be held on Friday, August 21st. Come early, stay late. There will be trains and carriages and boats and singing and food and new Prefects who are full of themselves and young first years who may or may not make it as far as the feast. Don't miss it!

Our website: http://www.alereflammas.com
Or logon: alereflammas.com 9034
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