Julie Andrews (julieandrews) wrote in alere,
Julie Andrews

More Meetings!

Did you miss the brainstorming meeting on AF? Never fear, there's two more meetings you can attend! Also, you can read a log of the brainstorm at http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/hpmush-logs/message/3263

The next meeting is Monday, July 13th, at 9pm Eastern. Topic: Villains! We'll be discussing some of the ideas brought up in the last meeting about villains and trying to work up a good plan for one or two or a few of them in the near future.

The meeting after that is Tuesday, July 14th, at 8:30pm Eastern. Hopefully this is early enough for all you people lucky enough to be going to a midnight showing of HP6. If you can only come for the first hour or so, please do. Topic: Have you come up with anything new since the brainstorming meeting? Did anything in that meeting spark a new idea? Did one idea stick with you and you've been ruminating?

Both meetings to take place on the game, obviously! So point your telnet or mu* client of choice to alereflammas.com 9034!
Tags: events, logs, meeting
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