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Upcoming Events on Alere Flammas

Here's what's coming up in the next week or so on Alere Flammas:

Tomorrow, February 7th, starting at 6pm Eastern, bring a first year to Quaffles and Waffles for free chicken broomsticks. And at 8:30, first years are invited to Ollivander's to get their wand. Eat first, then get a wand. Get a wand, then celebrate with some waffles. Your call!

The Hogwarts Express will be leaving King's Cross station on February 11th at 8pm Eastern. Dress like a Muggle, say goodbye to your family, then get packed off to school. If you miss the train departure, you can still get on the train later, don't worry. We have a nice cheat command for that.

The train arrives February 13th at 8pm. Long train ride, you say? ICly, it's only hours, but OOCly, this gives people a chance to rp a scene or three on the train no matter what their timezone or schedule is like.

Sorting begins at 9:15pm, so if you've missed the trip from the train to the castle, you can still get in on all the firstie-betting action, enjoy the house elf grub, and listen to Headmaster Severus Snape drone on and on about something or other.

Some classes are already on the schedule for this new school year, including a flying class for those first years.

So come make a character today!

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