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Beware the Sargasso Sea Sneezles

Quoted from Alere Flammas' on-game bulletin board system:

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Animagi Bug Mon Jan 19 Merrow
A bug is spreading through Wizarding Britain, as fast as any cold or flu, though this isn't
a typical fever. Wizards and witches are suffering from spontaneous attacks of animagi.
The transformation is triggered by sneezing. They don't last long, as sneezing when in
animal form promptly changes you back. But, as one might imagine, it can be quite

Some particulars:
* While cases of this sort have been reported in other parts of the world, particularly
tropical climates, this is the first time it's been reported in England.

* The disease causes witches and wizards to transform into whatever their form would be if
they were an animagus. Only ordinary animals; no magical creatures.

* It's airborne and fairly contagious, given all the sneezing, but it has no other
debilitating symptoms

* After exposure and infection, a person will usually start exhibiting symptoms in about 48

* The sneezing/animagus phase lasts for about two weeks. When that part of the disease has
run its course, the patient will sprout a pair of horns on their head (the exact variety
of horns differs from case to case). These will fall off of their own accord after
another two weeks.

* There's little Healers can do to treat it, other than advise patients to let it run its
course, stay in to avoid spreading it, and avoid exerting themselves once they've
sprouted the horns. Too much strain during that period can prompt a relapse back to the
sneezing/animagus stage.

Create a character and catch the bug!

alereflammas.com 9034

(Credit to the player of our Snape for the idea and the disease's name.)
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