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Server Down

The server appears to be down or unreachable. We'll bring the game back up (if it needs it) as soon as we can get there again.

ETA: The game is back up! Check +events for upcoming classes.
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Sorting Feast 2011!

The time has come on Alere Flammas MUSH for another Sorting. The Hogwarts Express arrives at 7:30pm Eastern on Tuesday, February 23rd.

Now's a phenomenal time to make a first year. The Hogwarts governors have approved new uniforms for everyone; come check out the boys in their kilts. Something's gone glitchy in time and for nearly a year now, students and even one faculty member have been appearing from the past. Time duplicates. Time twins. Timees. Whatever you'd like to call them, they've made attending a wizarding school just that wee bit more interesting.

Don't want to be a first year? That's all right. You can create a character starting at any age. And with this time plot, they can have nearly any birthdate you want too.

Features and Original Characters are both wanted. If you're looking to give a House a good injection of new player enthusiasm, Hufflepuff lags a little behind the other Houses in terms of students.

Sound good? Come find out more by pointing your MU* client or telnet client of choice at: 9034
or 9034
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Summer on Alere Flammas

Summer has just started on Alere Flammas, which means it's a perfect time to create a new character. Particularly if that new character is an incoming first year. Aren't they cute with their new wands and their bright-eyed looks, eager to start their career at Hogwarts? Little realizing what they're in for with Headmaster Snape, his Mummy the Potions Master, and more than one werewolf running around the place.

With our recent time travel-related plot, in which students (and even a professor) from the past have been showing up in the present, you never know who you might be sharing that first flying class with. Let alone who might be hanging out in your common room!

Head to our website to read more -

Or just log straight into the game with your telnet (remember what that is?) client or MUD/MUSH client of choice. At 9034 ( 9034).
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Sorting Ceremony Tonight!

It's not too late to make a first year to get Sorted at the Sorting Feast tonight, but you're definitely cutting it close!

The Hogwarts Express arrives at 7:30pm Eastern and the feast itself starts at 9.

Come for the first years, stay for the food!

Here's a copy of our latest advert:

Join a world where Severus Snape is Headmaster, McGonagall is Minister for
Magic, and a werewolf was just elected mayor of Hogsmeade! And though
things have been quiet at Hogwarts Castle for several years, that surely
only means that something must be afoot.

Harry Potter: Alere Flammas is an HP game that strives to maintain a canon
feel and internal consistency. We picked up where Goblet of Fire left off
and are now more than 15 years beyond that time. Feature characters are
available for application and we are always looking for new original
characters, as well. We allow students, young children, teachers, adults in
a wide variety of other professions, ghosts, house elves, portraits, and

We have ongoing plots and events several times a week, including classes,
Quidditch games, competitions, WWN broadcasts, store sales, parties, OOC
seminars on all sorts of topics, and many other activities both in school
and out. We run our Quidditch games with a GM using random rolls based on a
loose stat system and classes are run with an emphasis on interactivity.

Alere Flammas has been open since December 2001, and has thrived since then.
We have great quality roleplayers, both experienced and new, and we're very
welcoming to newbies willing to learn.

Our next Sorting is scheduled for August 21, so now is a great time to get in
on all the excitement, whether you decide to create a first year, an older
student, or something else entirely. Log on today for details!

Log in at: 9034
or 9034

Our website:

Our logs archive:
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Upcoming Events

Here's just some of the events coming up in the near future on Harry Potter: Alere Flammas MUSH. (All times Eastern)

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 1st - 6pm
Ollivander will be doing a wand fitting for the incoming first years

Monday, August 3rd - 9:30pm
OOC Howto: Apping a Feature. With our reboot plot, there are even more feature opportunities than usual. Learn how to apply for one and get all your questions answered.

Tuesday, August 4th - 10pm
Feldspar Victory Party -- Celebrate Hogsmeade's newest mayor. She's young. She's mavericky. And most of the time, she's even human.

Saturday, August 8th - 8pm
Florean Fortescue will be serving up his favorite ice cream flavors, regardless of what the public thinks of them. Come see if his choices include your favorite. Or if there are some flavors better left uneaten.

Friday, August 14th - 9pm
Eeylops' Owl Sale -- Owls? On sale? Surely it's too good to be true!

And finally, our SORTING FEAST will be held on Friday, August 21st. Come early, stay late. There will be trains and carriages and boats and singing and food and new Prefects who are full of themselves and young first years who may or may not make it as far as the feast. Don't miss it!

Our website:
Or logon: 9034
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Hogwarts Reboot Meeting

Still confused about the Hogwarts Reboot plot? Miss the first meeting? Miss the second meeting? Have no idea what I'm even talking about?

Then come to the meeting tomorrow. That's Tuesday, July 21st at 9pm Eastern.

Ask your questions and watch Pixie scramble to come up with the answers.

Time travel! Paradoxes! Dumbledore when he was too young to grow a beard! 9034
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More Meetings!

Did you miss the brainstorming meeting on AF? Never fear, there's two more meetings you can attend! Also, you can read a log of the brainstorm at

The next meeting is Monday, July 13th, at 9pm Eastern. Topic: Villains! We'll be discussing some of the ideas brought up in the last meeting about villains and trying to work up a good plan for one or two or a few of them in the near future.

The meeting after that is Tuesday, July 14th, at 8:30pm Eastern. Hopefully this is early enough for all you people lucky enough to be going to a midnight showing of HP6. If you can only come for the first hour or so, please do. Topic: Have you come up with anything new since the brainstorming meeting? Did anything in that meeting spark a new idea? Did one idea stick with you and you've been ruminating?

Both meetings to take place on the game, obviously! So point your telnet or mu* client of choice to 9034!