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Sorting Ceremony Tonight!

It's not too late to make a first year to get Sorted at the Sorting Feast tonight, but you're definitely cutting it close!

The Hogwarts Express arrives at 7:30pm Eastern and the feast itself starts at 9.

Come for the first years, stay for the food!

Here's a copy of our latest advert:

Join a world where Severus Snape is Headmaster, McGonagall is Minister for
Magic, and a werewolf was just elected mayor of Hogsmeade! And though
things have been quiet at Hogwarts Castle for several years, that surely
only means that something must be afoot.

Harry Potter: Alere Flammas is an HP game that strives to maintain a canon
feel and internal consistency. We picked up where Goblet of Fire left off
and are now more than 15 years beyond that time. Feature characters are
available for application and we are always looking for new original
characters, as well. We allow students, young children, teachers, adults in
a wide variety of other professions, ghosts, house elves, portraits, and

We have ongoing plots and events several times a week, including classes,
Quidditch games, competitions, WWN broadcasts, store sales, parties, OOC
seminars on all sorts of topics, and many other activities both in school
and out. We run our Quidditch games with a GM using random rolls based on a
loose stat system and classes are run with an emphasis on interactivity.

Alere Flammas has been open since December 2001, and has thrived since then.
We have great quality roleplayers, both experienced and new, and we're very
welcoming to newbies willing to learn.

Our next Sorting is scheduled for August 21, so now is a great time to get in
on all the excitement, whether you decide to create a first year, an older
student, or something else entirely. Log on today for details!

Log in at:
alereflammas.com 9034
or 9034

Our website:

Our logs archive:
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