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Harry Potter: Alere Flammas

Thursday, May 2, 2013

12:09PM - New Address for Harry Potter: Alere Flammas MUSH

We're at http://www.alereflammas.com/ -- alereflammas.com 9034 -- now. Please update your links!

You can also still connect to the game at:
hpotter.mushpark.com 9034
or 9034

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Friday, March 25, 2011

10:14AM - Server Down

The server appears to be down or unreachable. We'll bring the game back up (if it needs it) as soon as we can get there again.

ETA: The game is back up! Check +events for upcoming classes.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2:18PM - Getting to the MUSH

If you're having trouble getting to AF, you can use one of the following:

hpotter.mushpark.com 9034 9034

The alereflammas.org address should be working again soon.

Update 5/2/2013 - New address is alereflammas.com (http://www.alereflammas.com/)

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2:47PM - Sorting Feast! Saturday, March 12

The next Sorting is this Saturday, March 12th. The Hogwarts Express pulls in at 8pm Eastern.

It's definitely not too late to make a first year.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

12:33PM - Sorting Feast 2011!

The time has come on Alere Flammas MUSH for another Sorting. The Hogwarts Express arrives at 7:30pm Eastern on Tuesday, February 23rd.

Now's a phenomenal time to make a first year. The Hogwarts governors have approved new uniforms for everyone; come check out the boys in their kilts. Something's gone glitchy in time and for nearly a year now, students and even one faculty member have been appearing from the past. Time duplicates. Time twins. Timees. Whatever you'd like to call them, they've made attending a wizarding school just that wee bit more interesting.

Don't want to be a first year? That's all right. You can create a character starting at any age. And with this time plot, they can have nearly any birthdate you want too.

Features and Original Characters are both wanted. If you're looking to give a House a good injection of new player enthusiasm, Hufflepuff lags a little behind the other Houses in terms of students.

Sound good? Come find out more by pointing your MU* client or telnet client of choice at:

alereflammas.com 9034
or 9034

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

12:24PM - Summer on Alere Flammas

Summer has just started on Alere Flammas, which means it's a perfect time to create a new character. Particularly if that new character is an incoming first year. Aren't they cute with their new wands and their bright-eyed looks, eager to start their career at Hogwarts? Little realizing what they're in for with Headmaster Snape, his Mummy the Potions Master, and more than one werewolf running around the place.

With our recent time travel-related plot, in which students (and even a professor) from the past have been showing up in the present, you never know who you might be sharing that first flying class with. Let alone who might be hanging out in your common room!

Head to our website to read more - http://www.alereflammas.com/

Or just log straight into the game with your telnet (remember what that is?) client or MUD/MUSH client of choice. At alereflammas.com 9034 ( 9034).

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Friday, August 21, 2009

1:49PM - Sorting Ceremony Tonight!

It's not too late to make a first year to get Sorted at the Sorting Feast tonight, but you're definitely cutting it close!

The Hogwarts Express arrives at 7:30pm Eastern and the feast itself starts at 9.

Come for the first years, stay for the food!

Here's a copy of our latest advert:

Join a world where Severus Snape is Headmaster, McGonagall is Minister for
Magic, and a werewolf was just elected mayor of Hogsmeade! And though
things have been quiet at Hogwarts Castle for several years, that surely
only means that something must be afoot.

Harry Potter: Alere Flammas is an HP game that strives to maintain a canon
feel and internal consistency. We picked up where Goblet of Fire left off
and are now more than 15 years beyond that time. Feature characters are
available for application and we are always looking for new original
characters, as well. We allow students, young children, teachers, adults in
a wide variety of other professions, ghosts, house elves, portraits, and

We have ongoing plots and events several times a week, including classes,
Quidditch games, competitions, WWN broadcasts, store sales, parties, OOC
seminars on all sorts of topics, and many other activities both in school
and out. We run our Quidditch games with a GM using random rolls based on a
loose stat system and classes are run with an emphasis on interactivity.

Alere Flammas has been open since December 2001, and has thrived since then.
We have great quality roleplayers, both experienced and new, and we're very
welcoming to newbies willing to learn.

Our next Sorting is scheduled for August 21, so now is a great time to get in
on all the excitement, whether you decide to create a first year, an older
student, or something else entirely. Log on today for details!

Log in at:
alereflammas.com 9034
or 9034

Our website:

Our logs archive:

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Friday, July 31, 2009

9:56AM - Upcoming Events

Here's just some of the events coming up in the near future on Harry Potter: Alere Flammas MUSH. (All times Eastern)

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 1st - 6pm
Ollivander will be doing a wand fitting for the incoming first years

Monday, August 3rd - 9:30pm
OOC Howto: Apping a Feature. With our reboot plot, there are even more feature opportunities than usual. Learn how to apply for one and get all your questions answered.

Tuesday, August 4th - 10pm
Feldspar Victory Party -- Celebrate Hogsmeade's newest mayor. She's young. She's mavericky. And most of the time, she's even human.

Saturday, August 8th - 8pm
Florean Fortescue will be serving up his favorite ice cream flavors, regardless of what the public thinks of them. Come see if his choices include your favorite. Or if there are some flavors better left uneaten.

Friday, August 14th - 9pm
Eeylops' Owl Sale -- Owls? On sale? Surely it's too good to be true!

And finally, our SORTING FEAST will be held on Friday, August 21st. Come early, stay late. There will be trains and carriages and boats and singing and food and new Prefects who are full of themselves and young first years who may or may not make it as far as the feast. Don't miss it!

Our website: http://www.alereflammas.com
Or logon: alereflammas.com 9034

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Monday, July 20, 2009

2:58PM - Hogwarts Reboot Meeting

Still confused about the Hogwarts Reboot plot? Miss the first meeting? Miss the second meeting? Have no idea what I'm even talking about?

Then come to the meeting tomorrow. That's Tuesday, July 21st at 9pm Eastern.

Ask your questions and watch Pixie scramble to come up with the answers.

Time travel! Paradoxes! Dumbledore when he was too young to grow a beard!

alereflammas.com 9034

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

10:56PM - More Meetings!

Did you miss the brainstorming meeting on AF? Never fear, there's two more meetings you can attend! Also, you can read a log of the brainstorm at http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/hpmush-logs/message/3263

The next meeting is Monday, July 13th, at 9pm Eastern. Topic: Villains! We'll be discussing some of the ideas brought up in the last meeting about villains and trying to work up a good plan for one or two or a few of them in the near future.

The meeting after that is Tuesday, July 14th, at 8:30pm Eastern. Hopefully this is early enough for all you people lucky enough to be going to a midnight showing of HP6. If you can only come for the first hour or so, please do. Topic: Have you come up with anything new since the brainstorming meeting? Did anything in that meeting spark a new idea? Did one idea stick with you and you've been ruminating?

Both meetings to take place on the game, obviously! So point your telnet or mu* client of choice to alereflammas.com 9034!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

1:28PM - Alere Flammas - Brainstorming Session Tomorrow

A reminder post that the Alere Flammas brainstorming session is tomorrow night at 9:30pm Eastern.

If you're new to the game, tonight would be a good time to log on, read the information files, ask questions, and get oriented to the game.

If you're an old player thinking about coming back, you can log on and see if your character still exists. If not, it might be in the +npc database, to make it easier for you to recreate them. If you want to, of course. You're always welcome to make a new character.

We also have a Facebook group. Search for 'Alere Flammas'.

I hope a lot of you come to the meeting; we've got some exciting things in store.


alereflammas.com 9034 9034

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5:29PM - Harry Potter : Alere Flammas - Brainstorming Meeting - June 23rd

Next Tuesday, June 23rd, at 9:30 pm Eastern, Alere Flammas will be having a brainstorming meeting.

Join the Admins in talking about marketing/recruitment ideas and plots, large and small.

We hope our current players will make it, but new folks are definitely welcome as well.

As ever, our website is alereflammas.com and you can connect to the game at alereflammas.com 9034.

Hope to see you there!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

1:33PM - How to get to the Game

If you're trying to connect to the Alere Flammas website or the game with alereflammas.org, it's not working at the moment. There's two alternative addresses you can use.

hpotter.mushpark.com 9034 9034

We hope and expect the alereflammas.org name will start working again shortly.

So no excuse for not coming on the game and rping! :)

Update 5/2/2013 - We're now at alereflammas.com (http://www.alereflammas.com/>. The other two addresses still work.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

3:28PM - Always a good time to join Alere Flammas

Just because the Sorting is over doesn't mean you have to wait around for the next one. We're always accepting students of any year. We generally recommend new players go for third or fourth years. You're still young enough to have several years left to have fun at Hogwarts, yet you're old enough that you can take some elective classes and generally know a bit more about the world than an 11-year old. It also puts you in a good position to become a Prefect in your fifth year. We always like to fill out our Prefect ranks.

Also, you get to go on Hogsmeade weekends. And, coincidentally enough, the first Hogsmeade weekend is coming up on March 15th. Make a character in time and you can shop and sip butterbeer and enjoy the other delights that a small wizarding village has to offer.

Other characters besides students are also wanted and welcome, of course.

So stop on by.

Alere Flammas Website
Telnet or point your mush client to: alereflammas.com9034 ( 9034)

(try an every flavor bean)

Friday, February 13, 2009

9:53AM - It's Friday the 13th. Do you know where your wand is?

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! (And we get to do it all over again next month!)

To celebrate the day, how about attending Alere Flammas's Sorting Feast?

The Hogwarts Express arrives at 8pm Eastern and the feast begins at 9:15. The earlier you arrive, the more fun can be had.

If you haven't created a character yet and intend to:
Do it ASAP! Especially if it's a first year character. We need time to approve your application and prepare for your inclusion in the Sorting.

If you have a student character already:
Show up as early as you want, there will likely be train rp before the train actually arrives. If you can't make it for 8pm, show up when you can, you won't have missed everything.

If you just want to watch:
Log in whenever you like, using 'connect guest guest', and then '+watch/on hogwarts-gh' to watch the Sorting from afar. That +watch only shows the activity in the Great Hall. If there's enough interest, we can add another room or two so you can watch more of the action. But the trip to the castle does involve moving, so the only way to see everything in every room is to.. make a character! :) (Or read the log later.)

Come for the Sorting Hat's song, stay for the Headmaster's longwinded speech.

alereflammas.com 9034

Hope to see you there!

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Friday, February 6, 2009

12:15PM - Upcoming Events on Alere Flammas

Here's what's coming up in the next week or so on Alere Flammas:

Tomorrow, February 7th, starting at 6pm Eastern, bring a first year to Quaffles and Waffles for free chicken broomsticks. And at 8:30, first years are invited to Ollivander's to get their wand. Eat first, then get a wand. Get a wand, then celebrate with some waffles. Your call!

The Hogwarts Express will be leaving King's Cross station on February 11th at 8pm Eastern. Dress like a Muggle, say goodbye to your family, then get packed off to school. If you miss the train departure, you can still get on the train later, don't worry. We have a nice cheat command for that.

The train arrives February 13th at 8pm. Long train ride, you say? ICly, it's only hours, but OOCly, this gives people a chance to rp a scene or three on the train no matter what their timezone or schedule is like.

Sorting begins at 9:15pm, so if you've missed the trip from the train to the castle, you can still get in on all the firstie-betting action, enjoy the house elf grub, and listen to Headmaster Severus Snape drone on and on about something or other.

Some classes are already on the schedule for this new school year, including a flying class for those first years.

So come make a character today!

alereflammas.com 9034

(try an every flavor bean)

Monday, January 26, 2009

10:41AM - Tonight on AF - Quaffles & Waffles First Year Special!

Starting at 6pm Eastern tonight and lasting until 6am Eastern tomorrow (when it changes to a new IC day), bring a first year with you to dine at Quaffles & Waffles (everyone's favorite Quidditch-themed waffle house). If you do, you'll get a free large basket of batter-fried chicken broomsticks for your table to share. Get the first year to wear the swanky pointed paper hat that proudly declares them to be a new, upcoming student at Hogwarts, and receive your table's choice of dipping sauce.

Come for the free chicken broomsticks, stay for the atmosphere. And the waffles, of course.

Our website is http://www.alereflammas.com/, or log in directly at alereflammas.com 9034

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

2:45PM - Beware the Sargasso Sea Sneezles

Quoted from Alere Flammas' on-game bulletin board system:

================================ OOC - General ===============================
Message: 2/5 Posted Author
Animagi Bug Mon Jan 19 Merrow
A bug is spreading through Wizarding Britain, as fast as any cold or flu, though this isn't
a typical fever. Wizards and witches are suffering from spontaneous attacks of animagi.
The transformation is triggered by sneezing. They don't last long, as sneezing when in
animal form promptly changes you back. But, as one might imagine, it can be quite

Some particulars:
* While cases of this sort have been reported in other parts of the world, particularly
tropical climates, this is the first time it's been reported in England.

* The disease causes witches and wizards to transform into whatever their form would be if
they were an animagus. Only ordinary animals; no magical creatures.

* It's airborne and fairly contagious, given all the sneezing, but it has no other
debilitating symptoms

* After exposure and infection, a person will usually start exhibiting symptoms in about 48

* The sneezing/animagus phase lasts for about two weeks. When that part of the disease has
run its course, the patient will sprout a pair of horns on their head (the exact variety
of horns differs from case to case). These will fall off of their own accord after
another two weeks.

* There's little Healers can do to treat it, other than advise patients to let it run its
course, stay in to avoid spreading it, and avoid exerting themselves once they've
sprouted the horns. Too much strain during that period can prompt a relapse back to the
sneezing/animagus stage.

Create a character and catch the bug!

alereflammas.com 9034

(Credit to the player of our Snape for the idea and the disease's name.)

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

8:52PM - Harry Potter: Alere Flammas is looking for Feature Characters

Alere Flammas is always looking for players for our open Feature Characters. You don't have to have played on the game before to apply for a Feature. We welcome enthusiasm!

You must fill out an application for Features, and it's strongly recommended you log into the game to read the 'news' and talk to the players of characters with strong ties to that Feature. But if you'd like to just take a quick look at the application, it's available at http://www.alereflammas.com/ under Applications.

For Extras, which are characters from the books with less 'air-time' than other characters, you can create the character directly on the game and go through the on-game approval process that all new characters do.

Here is a non-comprehensive list of our currently open Features. For a fuller list, log into the game at alereflammas.com 9034 and see '+help features' for the commands to search our feature database.

Arthur, Molly, Bill, Charlie, Percy Weasley
Filius Flitwick, Xiomara Hooch, Binns, Pince, Eugenia Sprout
Hannah Abbott, Colin Creevey
Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet, Oliver Wood
Lavender Brown, Millicent Bulstrode, Padma and Parvati Patil
Seamus Finnigan, Neville Longbottom
Cho Chang, Luna Lovegood
Fleur Delacoeur Weasley, Pansy Parkinson Malfoy
Dumbledore's Portrait
Dobby, Argus Filch, Peeves, Winky
Bloody Baron, Nearly Headless Nick, The Grey Lady, The Fat Friar
Rita Skeeter, Nymphadora Tonks
Moaning Myrtle
... and more!

Malcolm Baddock, Susan Bones, Terry Boot
Gabrielle Delacoeur, Dennis Creevey
Aberforth Dumbledore
Sir Cadogan, The Fat Lady
Marcus Flint
Florean Fortescue
.... and many, many more!

Don't hesitate to log into the game and ask questions.

(try an every flavor bean)

8:02PM - Alere Flammas Sorting Coming Up!

Harry Potter: Alere Flammas MUSH has its semi-annual Sorting coming up on the weekend of February 6th.

The game began in December 2001 set just after the events of Goblet of Fire. We've continued the story since then, so it's now August of 2009. Join the Hogwarts class of 2016!

In particular, we are most definitely looking for new first years. Now is the best time to create one, as you can roleplay out getting your wand, riding the train, and that harrowing trip to the castle and the Sorting Ceremony. However, we're also looking for Prefects. If playing an eleven-year old isn't your thing, then create a fifth year and get a shiny Prefect badge. We need Prefects in all Houses.

We're also always looking for students of all ages, adults, ghosts, house elves, and even Feature Characters from the books.

Check us out at http://www.alereflammas.com/ or log straight into the game at alereflammas.com 9034

(try an every flavor bean)

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